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Preservation of Natural Stormwater Infrastructure
Suitability Analysis Summary

Map and score those natural areas where current conditions support maximum groundwater recharge and/or minimal stormwater runoff. Permanently preserve those areas.

Absolute factors

  • cannot already be protected
  • cannot be open water

Relative factors

  • in a Blue Infrastructure watershed
  • in area with well-drained soils
  • in a 100-year (1 points) or 500-year (½ point) flood plain
  • within 100 feet (1 point) or 500 feet (½ point) of a impaired (303-D listed) stream
  • in an area that drains to a 303-D listed stream
  • in a Tier II watershed
  • In a Stronghold Watershed (1 point for “1”; ½ point for “2”)
  • in Chesapeake Bay Commission Critical Area (LDA or RCA only)
  • in a Green Infrastructure hub or corridor
  • in an area of potential Forest Interior Dwellings Species Habitat
  • is forested riparian buffer (1 point if within 200’ of stream, 2/3 point if within 400’ of stream and 1/3 point if within 600’ of stream)
  • is forested
  • is relatively high in impervious surfaces
  • is forested near (200’) or in an area where impervious surfaces are relatively higher
  • in an unprotected Targeted Ecologic Area (GreenPrint)
  • within 200 feet of a protected Targeted Ecologic Area (GreenPrint)
  • is near (200’) but not in a protected Targeted Ecologic Area (GreenPrint)
  • in a Priority Funding Area
  • in a wetland

Potential areas for Preservation of Sustainable Hydrology Opportunities, greatest potential being a 5.  Score being a representation of data layers present at that point versus number of possible layers.


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